Virtual workshop

In December 2010, URIHO's project "Introducing a Virtual Workshop / Training Company Model for the Long-Term Unemployed with Disabilities to Increase Their Employability" won the first grant from the European Union's IPA pre-accession funds. Partners in the implementation of this project were the City of Zagreb, Croatian Employment Service - Zagreb Regional Office, and an important collaborator on the project was the Institute for Expertise, Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities of the Republic of Croatia. Following the completion of this one-year project, the Virtual Workshop / Training Company continued to operate as an integral part of URIHO's rehabilitation programs. In cooperation with partners and associates, the sustainability of this model for professional rehabilitation with the intention of dissemination (expansion) to other parts of Croatia has been ensured.

Virtual workshop “WE WORK - WE LEARN” d.o.o.
Gundulićeva 18, 10 000 Zagreb
01/6430 - 005 / 01/6430 - 041