Sport and recreation


Sport is an important aspect of every person's life that contributes significantly, not only to health, but also to a person's inclusion in the community and satisfying a number of basic life needs. People with disabilities are faced with the lack of sports facilities adapted to them, such as sports halls, outdoor courts and training grounds.

To carry out sports activities for people with disabilities, special preconditions need to be organized . The goal is to successfully integrate a person with a disability into sports activities, regardless of the nature of the disability, and to successfully resocialize them in society. Dealing with various kinesiological activities has a direct effect on the body component for disabled person, but also on the psychological component. It is important to point out that playing sports is the most well-known natural way to promote health.


Apart from being a physical-health factor, sport is important for people with disabilities as an area of ​​lively social activity. The program of sports activities for persons with physical disabilities and developmental difficulties is an integral part of the Program of public needs in sports of the City of Zagreb.


Uriho recognized the importance of sports and recreational activities that are realized through sports associations operating in the Institution. It should be noted that the sports association of the "URIHO" has been operating for three decades and as such is the most numerous and most active sports association of persons with disabilities in Zagreb. A few years ago were launced recreation programs for the third age.

One of the most visited is the "Corrective Gymnastics Program" which takes place under the expert guidance of a physiotherapist, twice a week at two locations in URIHO, Kajzerica in Novi Zagreb and Avenija Marina Držića 1. Employees of the Institution are provided with recreational swimming throughout the year at the pools in the House of Sports and at the pool of Utrina. In addition to swimming, sports and recreational activities with rich content are continuously held in the Vinko Bek hall: football, bowling, table tennis, basketball, fitness, as well as the possibility to use the sauna and gym.


URIHO's trademark by which the institution is recognized beyond the borders of Croatia is certainly the URIHO Sports Association of Persons with Disabilities, which was founded in 1998. and includes the following sports; darts, bowling, chess, table tennis, football and belot. Members of the sports association participate in domestic and international competitions and tournaments. They are traditionally guests in Germany and Austria, where the colors of the Institution are defended by members of the URIHO sports association.

The society also actively participates in state-level sports competitions

in darts, bowling, and chess . They have been repeatedly proclaimed the best sports association for people with disabilities in Croatia, individually and as a team they have won about a hundred medals, cups, plaques, letters of thanks and recognitions.