URIHO is a protective workshop, which means that more than 51% of URIHO's 503 employees are people with disabilities. As a protective workshop URIHO performs very wide range of activities (production of metal, textile, leather, printing services, sewing services, product packaging services, waste selection and many others). URIHO operates in the open labor market and adapts its services and activities to market requirements. The peculiarity of URIHO is that 300 persons with disabilities work in over 200 different jobs and that all production and work processes are adapted to the type and degree of disability of the worker who performs it. URIHO is continuously expanding the domain of its work as, in addition to constant technological development, the number of work processes in which it is possible to include people with disabilities is growing. Expect in manufacturing and service processes, URIHO's persons with disabilities work in all other departments and services, where they apply principle of “reasonable accommodation” ensures that their work efficiency is equal to that of their non-disabled colleagues.

URIHO has recognized professional rehabilitation and lifelong learning for persons with disabilities as an important tool for integrating those persons into the work environment. Since 2010, it has also been registered as an Institution for adult education and about 90 persons with disabilities participate in URIHO's non-vocational adult education programs annually. The programs offered by URIHO focused on renewing and improving knowledge in previously acquired occupations, as well as practicing specific work processes, and all programs include training focused on everyday social skills and communication in the work environment and are in line with labor market requirements.

All programs are created by URIHO's Rehabilitation Service experts, including some professionals with disabilities. The programs are specially designed in a way that is accessible to all persons with disabilities, and all individual characteristics of the participants are taken into account in their implementation.

URIHO experts recognized the need for continuous professional development when working with persons with disabilities and based on their own experience and expertise gained through non-professional adult education of persons with disabilities, create and regularly conduct trainings for experts in related fields. Programs intended for professionals are aimed at transferring knowledge and experience about the specifics of working with persons with disabilities, especially in the field of labor and employment and professional rehabilitation and education.

Some of URIHO's adult education programs are verified by the National Agency for Vocational and Adult Education and licensed by the Ministry of education.[A1] 

URIHO continuously implements and participates in European and national projects, using them as a tool to implement innovative models of work or teaching persons with disabilities, and project activities and results of these projects have become sustainable and are included in the regular work of URIHO. Examples are the URIHO Work Center and the URIHO Virtual Workshop.



Orient Express- Beratungs-, Bildungs- und Kulturinitiative für Frauen is a non-governmental politically independent organization with a women's counseling center, two shelters for girls and women and college. As an organization focused exclusively on women, they deal with the political inclusion of women by expanding their influence, both socially and individually level. Their work is characterized by an individualized approach that is basically holistic and takes into account the socio-economic and cultural characteristics of each client. Their goal is to find appropriate solutions to the personal and social problems of women and girls and offer their clients institutional support, the development of new opportunities for learning and education, and encourage involvement in the political, social and cultural life of the community.

Non-vocational education has been one of the main activities of the organization for over 30 years. Their college offers basic knowledge courses for women of all nationalities and provides care for their children while mothers attend classes, with the aim of ensuring a comfortable and a positive educational environment where women are protected and free to develop their potential.

The counseling center is aimed at providing counseling on partnerships, domestic violence, abuse and exploitation, forced marriages as well as intergenerational conflicts and social and health issues, primarily for women in the migrant population. Free counseling is available in Arabic, German, English and Turkish language.

Anonymous shelters accept women and girls of all nationalities who are victims of gender-based violence, such as intergenerational conflicts, forced marriages, partner or domestic violence.

Orient Express manages two shelters - one crisis and one transitional, which provides organized housing for girls and women aged 16 to 24, with insurance of anonymity, other security measures, psychological assistance and support in multiple languages ​​as well as leisure activities and educational opportunities. The organization currently employs about 40 people.




 Topcoach belongs to the category of small and medium-sized companies dealing with adult education. They conduct trainings and workshops for individuals and companies and have extensive relevant experience in designing and implementing non-vocational education programs for adults and youth.

Topcoach created the original concept of the “NewLeaders Academy and the leTalks soft skills concept. In collaboration with the University, they have designed a leadership project for MBA students and are currently collaborating with the Tomas Bata Foundation in the Czech Republic to present Bata seminars to Slovak audiences.

They also have experience in Erasmus Plus projects, as a partner (4 projects) and as a coordinator (1 project).




IDEC is a Greek company engaged in education and consulting. Their activities consist of providing consulting services for the management of organizations and enterprises, education, quality assurance, evaluation and development of information and communication systems for the private and public sectors. Their clients are large and small companies from Greece and all over Europe, and collaborate with more than 800 different European organizations in Europe and more than 300 experts from different fields.

IDEC has a wealth of experience in European projects and various European programs and initiatives, as a partner and as a coordinator. For the last 18 years, IDEC has been particularly involved in projects related to quality assurance of educational programs: EQUAL, Quality.net, BEQUAL and QUADRAT. He also has extensive experience in creating quality control systems in several Greek universities.

IDEC has been awarded the Lifelong Learning Center label and regularly organizes courses and trainings for teachers and educators, student trips and non-formal learning activities for

students in primary education and provides courses and employment of students in vocational education and persons in the labor market.

IDEC's main areas of expertise are management consulting, business planning, entrepreneurship, small and medium enterprises, quality management, licensing, development curriculum education based on "ECVET", software development and multimedia content, Internet applications, distance learning, e-business, e-commerce. All of the above is special relevant experience for this joint project. In the field of adult education, IDEC has been active in shaping standards and policies at EU level: LLL, EQF, ECVET, Europass, EQAVET.

In the field of evaluation of non-vocational and non-formal learning, they participated as active stakeholders in the national education reform. IDEC has successfully fulfilled all contractual obligations with CDFOP "Europass, ECVET and EQF" regarding the documentation, evaluation and certification of learning outcomes of their programs. IDEC experts are able to create curricula whom the learning outcomes are in line with EU qualification standards.


Organizational and financial management:

In its structure, IDEC has a separate organizational department responsible for managing EU projects. So far, they have participated in numerous EU projects and have relevant

experience and knowledge of the operational and normative functioning of these projects.

IDEC will select the people involved to monitor the project from its beginning to the end, taking into account the experience and affinity for the specific goal of the project on the part of individual experts. IDEC also employs special accountants who are competent in performing financial management of international projects.

Licensing and quality assurance - IDEC's quality assurance system is compliant with ISO9001 through: 2015 design, development and provision of training service, provision of consulting services, implementation of enterprises, development and organization plans, development of software and internet applications.




Ludor Engineering is a Romanian company dedicated to providing comprehensive services in the fields of engineering and design, product development, prototyping and partnerships, and project coordination. Their range of services includes product development which includes 4.0 technologies, design of technologically intelligent systems, use of microcontrollers, computer simulations, etc.

He is a member of ICONIC, a Romanian cluster of IT&C companies.

Ludor's expertise includes the application of 4.0 technologies in education and training, including 3D print, robotics, drone technology, 3D modeling and the like, as well as design and use educational tools. Has a deep understanding of educational processes and methods of improving them, gained through many projects and activities dedicated to formal and informal education and directed at all categories of students. In addition, 5 members of their team over the years have been involved in founding and running their own companies, gaining practical experience in areas where they educate others.

Currently Ludor Engineering has 6 permanent staff members and a wide network of partners and associates. Ludor Engineering has direct experience of participating in EU projects, including Erasmus +, as coordinator and partner.

Eida Caver