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The service of printing, graphic design, prepress and finishing is a tradition created over many years. Modern technical and technological working conditions and quality coordination allow us to produce almost everything that can be produced with modern printing technology.

We are proud of the wide range of quality products we make, and the best reference is the growing number of clients and new orders for existing ones. We have upgraded our knowledge over the years through the production of items such as books, monographs, calendars, brochures, magazines, notebooks, envelopes, memos, endless forms, leaflets, posters, labels, pendants, folders, folders, bags,…

We also produce quality official documentation, blocks and tables, and a large selection of special papers and cardboards helps us in that.

In addition to special and more demanding graphic tasks, we quickly and efficiently produce simpler promotional items of smaller formats, and we also perform precise printing on existing items. As ecologically very aware, we pay attention to the layout of the sheets and the best possible use of resources.

Our design department is able to turn your idea into graphically suitable content, and if you already have an existing identity and visuals, you can easily incorporate them into the production process. A wide range of paper and modern printing technology at our disposal will give the most beautiful and noticeable print, and the finishing team will in the last phase precisely cut and package the finished product.

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Printing and cartoning URIHO

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