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URIHO's face visor is made of the highest quality materials and effectively protects your health from viruses against drops and dust.

It is light and easy to use and comfortable to wear, with a clear and wide viewing angle. The visor is suitable for work, study, walks, sports, meetings, socializing, and can be used for household chores or as protection from dust. Reusable after disinfection. Possibility of printing (logo) according to the customer's wishes.

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  • Material: PE
  • Shield / shield area: 20.5 x 30.5 cm
  • Weight: 47.5 g
  • Quantity: protective mask holder (* 1), shield (* 1)
  • Usage: max. 40 ° C, 80% relative humidity
  • The strap holders adapt to all head sizes
  • Resistant to chemicals and alkalis
  • The semicircular shape of the guard provides comprehensive protection from the front and sides
  • The protector ensures that you cannot reach your eyes or nose with your hands, which is important for small children
  • The brackets are made of PP and PET material that is flexible and lightweight, resistant to shocks and high temperatures
  • There are two swivel joints on the bracket so you can adjust the angle of the guard to suit different needs, and the stretchable headband allows it to fit snugly on the head
  • Suitable for medical prevention and control, laboratories, chemical examination, house cleaning, etc.
  • It can be worn by people in isolation, quarantine, the sick, family members and other medical staff
  • Suitable for wearing when doing household chores and maintaining the cleanliness of the living space
  • Professionally designed set of optimal balance, multi-adjustable headbands
  • Excellent protection for all employees who are in daily contact with people: civil protection, police, dentists, general practitioners, doctors, bakers, taxi workers, gas stations
  • Food suppliers, civil protection
  • Multifunctional, suitable for various purposes
  • Color - white
  • Available colors on request (red and blue)
  • Resistant to chemicals and alkalis.
  • 1 x bracket
  • 1 x guard
  • 1 x adjustable headband

Country of origin: Croatia, URIHO-ZAGREB

Made by people with disabilities

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Visor URIHO Medical


Sales Manager

Mario Živolić, mag. oec.

Mob: 095 4424 656

Email: mario.zivolic@uriho.hr

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