About Sun gallery

URIHO's exhibition activity is organized in the Sun gallery space. The main goal and purpose of the exhibition space is to promote and spread culture and art among people with disabilities and to create cultural habits and desires. The gallery space was created from an adapted warehouse, it is of a polyvalent character and is used both for exhibitions and for the promotion of publications, poetry recitals, sports events and the like.

Technical and construction adaptation of the space was also realized in order to facilitate access for people with disabilities. An access ramp for people in wheelchairs has been set up and in addition a parking space. Also a sanitary facility has been adapted.

The starting orientation of the gallery is a multipurpose space in which, in addition to fine arts, interior architecture, poetry and music are included. Thus, in addition to exhibitions in the Sun Gallery, various events are organized from educational / interactive workshops and professional lectures to guest appearances by established writers, poets and actors.


Avenija marina Držića 1, 10 000 Zagreb
Tel: 01 6430 060
E-mail: uriho-galerijasunce@uriho.hr