Creative workshops

Creative workshops

The URIHO institution started working with creative workshops about twenty years ago. In the meantime, countless exhibitions and art colonies were held, and we got to know the work of academic painters and sculptors.

The goal of this year's project is to include children and young people with developmental disabilities in the work of workshops that, through the so-called art and occupational therapy enable participants to discover their inner potential and release their creative resources. At the same time, children are enabled to acquire new knowledge and skills using the transfer of the inner world to the outer world.

Participants in the art workshop paint on paper, while in the face painting workshop, the participants paint the same motive on the face of the participants, using special colors and accessories. While the motive on the paper is static, it follows the facial expressions of the painted person and thus rhythmically takes shape and changes.

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The URIHO institution says that the purpose of the workshops is to complete integration of children and young people into everyday life and the improvement of the quality of life people with disabilities. Through creative work and socializing, they learn to accept human diversity, respect the individual and include people with disabilities in the integral life of the community. At the same time, they develop sensory and motor skills, attention, thinking and memory.

The workshops are held mostly on Wednesdays from 5 to 6:30 p.m. in the Sun gallery at Marin Držića  Avenue 1, and the engagement of workshop leaders is exclusively voluntary. The workshops are free, and URIHO provided all the equipment for the work. All the participants themselves need to bring is creative curiosity seasoned with love and kindness.

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Art colony

URIHO's art colony is held at the end of June, thus becoming constant for cultural events in our Institution. The goal of the colony is to gather artists to socialize and create works of art that beautify the workspace of employees and users of the institution who are extremely proud of this event and its longevity.

The colonies are done with different painting techniques in accordance with the affinity of the artist and the theme according to personal choice. The colony is held in the open, in Novi Zagreb, in the "factory" circle at URIHO's largest location. Painting in the colonies has always had a special charm, ideas and ways are questioned with colleagues. There are many individual worlds that collide and intertwine. Many well-known and recognized authors gather, but also the younger ones who are adorned with indisputable talents. In the colonies, artists of different potentials and poetics emerge from the safe oasis of their studios, moving towards a noble and humane goal. Their togetherness results in a number of impressive works.

A specific segment of the colony is the participation the most talented students of URIHO's art studio, who have the opportunity to show their creativity by creating and socializing with "great" artists, which shows the pedagogical note and value of the project itself. Through such and similar events, URIHO successfully fights against the social exclusion of people with disabilities.

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